We lead innovation in ecommerce photography, thanks to the research and development of new technologies for the production of photography for online stores.

In our In our R&D+i lab , we test the latest advances in image engineering before being implemented in our production process, always with innovation, quality, speed and cost savings as the main objective.


innovación - scanner 3D

The 3D Scanner digitizes real objects, from people to other objects, and turns them into a 3D object in form and texture. We work in its ability to scan real models, thereby obtaining models enduring way in time and no more than the initial cost.


innovación - acting

Placed actors, motion sensors provide information that is recorded in our 3D modeling software. These actual movements can then be applied to our virtual models, thus obtaining a realistic acting available for use in the model and desired scenario.


innovación - fotografía

By using glossmeters in our test R&D+i study the refractive indices to convert them into photographic exposure parameters. Once you obtained these parameters, easy and automated way we get a perfect control the degree of exposure in each type of product.