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Passionate about photography, technology and ecommerce
We are a team of people with the common goal of developing our work activity in a scenario where quality, innovation, experience, effort, teamwork and proactivity are a constant daily.
We get involved to the fullest in each campaign with the aim of always meeting our clients expectations and our own quality standards. Whatever your product type or the volume of your catalog, we always adapt to the specific needs that each ecommerce may have in the field of image. To achieve this, we work on permanent continuous improvement based on the experience gained in each new project, and dedicating part of our activity to innovation and development to improve our image engineering.
WIO is a project developed by SII Concatel, subsidiary in Spain of the SII Group, which supports with its business solvency and its experience in the IT field this pioneering project in Europe dedicated to the industrialized production of images for ecommerce.
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