WIO On Site

The WIO On Site Outsourcing modality allows our clients to have an Image Factory perfectly adapted to their needs, in their own facilities. According to each client requirements, we implement all the material and human resources to develop our services with the maximum guarantee of quality.

Client Deployment
Maximum control over the service
Constant feedback with customer
The product does “leave home”
Saving in transport
For large volumes of products
Construction of a “tailor-made” factory
Minimum delivery times
In Factory, On site and Home Delivery are the three modalities of outsourcing available for our customers to adapt our service to any logistical constraints that may exist in providing the best possible service:

WIO On Factory

Our Image Factory integrates the latest advances in the field of photography, robotics, editing software and sample logistics.

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WIO Home Delivery

We can move a robotized image capturing equipment to any point of Spain, in less than 48h, so that the products do not leave “home”

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